Pinky The Snail

Cardano's most adventurous meme coin, slow and steady wins the race!

Official Policy ID: 6fbfbd8f90cdc5a89dab46def6edf52dacaf413d332d66c00235fc2d


Pinky the $SNAIL was created as a funny meme honoring the snail trait in the OMEN NFT collection. Blessed by the OMEN team and their artist, Victor, our goal is to transform this little snail into a groovy brand that propels not only us but also OMEN and Cardano as a whole forward!

We intend to do this by cultivating a strong family-knit community, delivering a range of exciting developments to all. Including but not limited to Merchandise, a playable multiplayer game utilizing our token & unique events!



⦾ Initial Liquidity: 69,000,000 $SNAIL + 300 ADA [team funded].

⦾ No funds were allocated to the team, marketing or advisors.

100% circulating supply!

⦾ Token pool organically grown by the community. 2,000,000 ADA trading volume on DAY 1!

⦾ Team bought funds for a treasury wallet using personal funds.


You can view these planned development as a roadmap of sorts, however, there is no set timeline. Instead we plan to deliver when we believe the product(s) are to a quality we would be proud to release. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

MERCHANDISE: With the help of our friends over at Introverts we plan to release a range of products such as t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, prints, mugs & more!

SNAIL RACE GAME: We are in talks with a team to devise us an interactive multiplayer snail race game. Utilizing our token in multiple gamified ways!

COMMUNITY EVENTS: The team has already been brainstorming fun events not seen in Cardano before, which we believe will unite communities together!

APP: Eventually we believe an all-inclusive app involving our game, merchandise, memes & events would be an amazing way to grow our brand!




Plans to bring innovation and a family setting to the community. Working hard so that the vision for $SNAIL can come to life!



An artistic director by trade, ensuring the $SNAIL branding (and memes) are of high quality.

Lester Lobo


An active personality
within the Cardano ecosystem, advocating $SNAIL to larger audiences!


We are still in talks with potential strategic partnerships for $SNAIL. As soon as we make any partnerships public we will add them here!